Roy Mustang (has_no_match) wrote,
Roy Mustang


01 ⇒ Roy is a big, giant slacker face; you're never going to find him with a pen in his hand if he isn't getting paid to hold it. He does however, like to read. Classical works. Fiction. Historical stuff. Something to disappear into. He likes to do it. He just never seems to have time to.

02 ⇒ Roy isn't really all that wealthy. The military pays him decent enough, but he has a tendency to exude wealth, even though it really isn't there. He doesn't tend to have a lot of things - he's kind of a minimalist actually. But the things he does have are very nice things. He's defiantly a quality over quantity kind of guy.

03 ⇒ Roy hardly remembers his parents. They died in an accident when he was very young. His aunt Cris became his legal guardian, but he's never really thought of her as a 'mother' more than as a cool aunt he happened to live with.

04 ⇒ Roy is a terrible cook. Terrible. If he ever cooks anything, it's come out of a can or a box or something, because that is more difficult to screw up. He dines out ninety percent of the time. He'll probably never offer to cook you dinner. Unless he hates you. And then he might think it was funny.

05 ⇒ Roy is much more of a dog kind of person than a cat person. This isn't to say that he dislikes cats. He just doesn't have much interest in them. And while he does like dogs, he doesn't really know if he wants one for himself. He's afraid he wouldn't get to take care of it properly.

06 ⇒ Roy has always lived in the city. Big cities, too. Being out in the country - out in the open - is too quiet and still. It doesn't make him uncomfortable as much as it's just not anything that he is used to.

07 ⇒ Roy's favourite color is blue. He is also very fond of grey and black. He wishes that he liked red more, with the whole 'colour of fire' thing and all. But red reminds him of Ed more than it does fire. And that's just silly.

08 ⇒ To strangers, Roy's default reaction is to kill them with kindness. He's polite. Maybe not always genuine. But he'd rather not give a person a reason to dislike him. He likes to be liked. It's just... easier that way, when you want things from people later.

09 ⇒ Roy is an alchemist. Obviously A scientist. And famously known to be a very good one at that. Flame alchemy is not easy in the least - it's sort of why Roy's the only one who uses it. It doesn't necessarily mean that Roy is a genius; were he to go head to head with Edward in a game of Who Is The Bigger Alchemy Nerd, Ed would probably win. But Roy gets alchemy. And pretty easily. It's something that comes very naturally to him.

10 ⇒ This one is here because of game-plot but, I also thought I would throw it out there. Roy does not speak Japanese. Roy does not speak English. He speaks Amestrian. Amerstrian is very similar to English. Maybe it's weird cousin or something. He could probably be dropped in the middle of England and do pretty alright for himself. But he would also be alright in other countries as well. France. Germany. Any other place that speaks a Latin-based language, maybe a hint of other things as well. 

Amestris is a large nation that was created by... swallowing up other nations around it. It's a big melting pot of culture and religion and... language. It's adapted a lot of bits and pieces along the way, evolved into what it is now. And yes, I know you could hear him speak in Japanese and/or English.  But that has everything to do with him being from a Japanese series (that was translated into English and a dozen other languages by now) and nothing to do with where he is actually form. Even though his 'first' voice is Japanese, that doesn't mean he speaks it. But, the names/titles of things are clearly of European influences. People are named things like Edward and Hughes, and they have a Fuhrer/King and their capital is Central. Those are not Americanized names and titles; those are their original names, even in the Japanese versions.  But this Amestris is not Europe. It's Amestris. A separate world from our own, and therefore.... quite different.

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