Roy Mustang (has_no_match) wrote,
Roy Mustang

Plots A-Pleanty

This is here mostly for me, so I don't forget things. But also, hey, if you care -- here it is! And please feel free at any time ever to poke me or leave me a comment or pm me or IM me about anything. Even if it's just a "Hey, I'm bored, lets play!" I'm always down. Always wanting to meet more people. Get up to shenanigans. This is a good place to say so.

Heck, even if you stumbled here by chance and aren't in my game - I care not. Drop me a message anytime.

Current In-Game Notes:

☆ Goin to Babylon to safe the motherfuckin world.

Things To Do In The [Near] Future:

☆ Bond with Seras + sexy times. Because it should happen.

☆ Apply to be a cop - Roy would be a good cop. Serving and protecting and all that business is right up his alley.
          ★ This will lead to possible bondings with Naoto. Which should also happen.

☆ Meet Vidocq. Because Roy is curious.

☆ Meet Lazarus. Because Roy is curious. Or... well, he should be.

☆ Meet Boyd. Because this should also happen.

☆ What is Lance up to? Man date? (Please talk to Lance-mun about this.)

☆ More. More. More. Get your butt more involved! Look at your sad collection of people you know. Roy is ashamed of your lack of involvement.  You don't want to make Roy ashamed of you, do you?!
Tags: !ooc, !plot
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