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History: Roy's Character page on Wikipedia

**Because there are two diverging storylines between the first anime and the second/manga, I should mention that I am playing Roy as he is in the manga and second anime - specifically during the time when Central Command separates and relocates his entire team :: during the time the Elric brothers venture north to Briggs.

Age/Appearance: Despite his impressive military rank that would normally suggest age and experience, Roy is actually quite young for someone in his position. Roy is 29 and even looks a bit young for a 29-year old. He is, nevertheless, very much in the prime of his life. He is a military man and therefore maintains his physique to always be battle-ready, so he is quite fit and trim. His natural build is that of somewhat average height, so he is not a considerably large man. He is however, considerably handsome, and will be one of the first to admit it to you as well. He is fair skinned and has sharp, keen black eyes which are not common among his fellow countrymen, though his heritage is never mentioned by anyone therefore it is assumed he is completely Amestrian. He keeps his black hair somewhat short, usually allowing it to hang tastefully unkempt just above his eyes, but will slick it back for more formal occasions. And though he is not often seen out of his uniform, when he is dressed in civilian clothing, he is very neat and proper and tends to choose classier styles of dress, usually opting for three piece suits and ties and freshly polished shoes. He also prefers to keep himself well groomed and clean shaven, he thinks he looks better that way. (Even though he does sometimes complain that people don't take him as seriously as they should because he looks too young, and is younger than others of his rank.)

Because of his life in the military, and as man who has seen battles, he is not without scars. The most prominent one being the large burn mark that covers a substantial portion of his left abdomen, side and lower back from where he cauterized his own wound, one that would have killed him from blood loss. He also carries a scar on the back of his right hand in the shape of a transmutation circle that he carved into himself in haste, after his gloves that typically carry the symbol were shredded.


To those who are not overly familiar with him, Roy comes across as a rather shallow and self-absorbed man. His reputation leaves the impression of a selfish, arrogant and narcissistic sort of person who appears to act mostly out of self-interest rather than out of any sort of philanthropy. He comes off to most as a sort of cocky layabout, neglecting or avoiding most of his typical duties and pushes his paperwork off on to his subordinates, while he sits at his desk without a care. But of course he is then quick to find himself in the spotlight when he catches wind that there is glory and military notoriety to be gained.

Also by reputation, Roy is known for being quite the womanizer. Instead of boring paperwork, he finds his time better spent in the company of various young women about town, wooing them with his well-practiced charm, charisma and natural good looks. As one might imagine, this leaves many of the enlisted men and even some of his subordinates and colleagues to be somewhat displeased with him as far as their own jealousy is concerned, but it does not appear to bother him in the slightest.

Not quite so publicly known, but none the less true, Roy is expertly manipulative. Quite often thinking several steps ahead of everyone around him, he has a knack for getting people to act exactly how he wants them to, often without them even realizing he had a hand in their decision-making. Because he is able to do this so well, it is obvious that he is very knowledgeable in many areas and spends a good deal of time gathering information, even though he might not outwardly seem as though that is what he is doing. In fact, covertness and his observatory skills, as well as his ability to gather information are some of his most impressive talents that very few people actually know about. (For...obvious reasons.)

And while yes, all of these traits have their solid a place in Roy's true personality, much of his outward persona should probably be considered a well-placed veil of self-serving motivation and self-importance intended to be seen by those who don't know any better - or better yet, those he doesn't want to know any better - to underestimate his intelligence and ability. He has, after all, been long aware of the corruptness of the upper echelon of the military he knowingly serves, and makes a conscious effort to gain their attention only in ways that will allow him to swiftly move through the ranks so that he may eventually change it from within when the time is right.

As a solder stationed in the Ishval Civil War, Roy witnessed first hand how needlessly cruel and careless the hands of the powerful can be. But rather than shy away from it or turn his back on it altogether, Roy made the decision to stay within the ranks of the military, and to devote himself entirely to changing it for the better, and has since vowed to place himself in a position of power that will prevent further, needless and cruel wars from ever happening again. In fact, it is Roy's goal to eventually become the next Fuhrer President of Amestris so that he can have the power to protect as many people possible.

He returned home from the war and was labeled as a 'hero.' But he has never once considered himself to be one. In fact, the situation at Isvhal and the alarming number of civilian casualties still haunt him to this day. And while he believes that he can never truly be absolved of the sins he committed there by his own hand, he uses the situation as a constant reminder to himself to move forward and change the future for the better.

At his best, Roy is a remarkably devoted leader who is loyal to a fault to his friends and subordinates, and he will go to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even at the risk of his own. But it should not go without mention that he is also willing to put a great amount of trust into those around him whom he feels is deserving of it, and not only hopes, but expects those in his confidence to knock him around a bit should he ever waver from his path, which he is fully aware can happen from time to time given his occasional stubbornness and fiery nature.

When people first come into contact with Roy, experiences can vary greatly, depending on his mood and what he needs. To strangers whom Roy has little to know knowledge or opinion on - Roy is usually very polite and formal. He doesn't like to get off on the wrong foot with anyone, because he never knows who he might have to charm or suck up to to get what he wants in the future, and it's far easier to do that when he starts out on the right foot with someone.

Sexual Preferences/Orientation:

Roy is clearly very comfortable and confident in the company of others, and has likely been the majority of his life considering his foster mother is a madam of a hostess club in downtown Central - and therefore has been the company of charming people from an early age. He is charismatic, powerful, handsome and sometimes just a little bit crafty, so Roy knows all the tricks for getting what he wants. And sometimes, that means the companionship of others. But always casually. Roy does not tend to keep conquests around for very long. He likes the challenge and the thrill of the chase, and of course, the ego boost and obvious physical perks of success. But a true relationship with anyone would require too much of his focus to be pulled away from his career, and that is something that he is less than willing to compromise on. He actually finds it quite bothersome when people ask him why he remains single. And while canonically he is known to be quite the womanizer, and tends to gravitate to women a much more frequently, Roy would not shy away from the advances or pursuits of other men. In fact, he'd take it as a compliment, and so long as word never got back to the office about it; archaic military's have a tendency to frown on that sort of thing. But Roy is no stranger to doing things that the military might frown on, and he likes to have himself a good time. Long story shirt, Roy had leanings towards heterosexuality, but plays around enough that it's maybe, not entirely true all the time.


Roy is a highly skilled alchemist and holds an elite rank of State Alchemist within the Amestrian military. His particular skill is using a very difficult and very powerful type of alchemy called Flame Alchemy that allows him to manipulate the oxygen content in the air around him, raising it to combustible levels which he is able to ignite with just the snap of his fingers while wearing his custom made ignition gloves which provide the spark when he rubs his fingers together. Though his fire alchemy is the type of alchemy that he is most famous for using, Roy is capable of using other types of alchemy as well, should the situation call for it and he has time to draw a transmutation circle. Aside from alchemy, Roy is a highly trained military professional and is proficient enough with a firearm (though he rarely ever uses one), is a an expert tactician, information-gatherer and can be downright sneaky as hell.

Reason for playing:

I have a huge soft spot for characters who are not what they appear to be. Roy, when you first meet him, comes off as a bit of a grudgingly likable sleaze; an attention seeking womanizer who uses his fame and silver tongue for promotions and power. But once you get to know him, you realize that isn't really true about him at all. Roy is actually, deep down, a genuinely good person. He wants the world to be a better place. He wants people to he happy. He wants the good guys to win and the bad guys to be held accountable, and punished for their actions. And he does everything in his power to make that happen. But with Roy, there is always that 'line' that he has to walk. After all, what all great men with power ultimately seek out is more power. And that magical line between what is for the good of everyone and what is good for himself can blur pretty easily. The thing about Roy is that he keeps himself surrounded by people he cares for, and who care for him in return; people he trusts to look after him and to keep him on the right path. So...when those friends and allies are no longer there, and he had no one to protect, how quickly will those lines blur without him realizing it? And with so much temptation around him, as a man who is no stranger to power and lust and darkness, I think he will be an interesting character to explore.

***For writing samples, please see THIS POST.
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